12 self defense tricks that could come in handy one day. Every girl should know these.

How to break out of zip ties. Every girl should know this!<- Every girl should know this? Every man should know this too! Men can just be as easily taken down and zip tied, too.

Unconventional survival self defense tips and creative skills, gear. | http://survivallife.com/2014/06/18/unconventional-self-defense-tips/

Self Defense Tips

Tips for self defense when you're not a self defense expert. Gentleman's technique for self defense.

Escape a Sinking Car: What To Do When You’re Submerged | Survival Prepping Ideas, Survival Gear, Skills & Emergency Preparedness Tips. | http://survivallife.com/2014/10/06/escape-a-sinking-car/

How to Escape a Submerged Car

Escape a Sinking Car: What To Do When You’re Submerged --By Survival Life Contributor on October 2014

Bill of Rights

The United States Constitution, Limited Government, States' Rights and The Tenth Amendment. This is a picture with all the amendments. It's shows the laws and the rights of the people.

Infographic: What to Do When Bad Things Happen

Put This Infographic in Your Wallet to Know What to Do When Bad Things Happen

When you get pulled over, mugged, have an accident, or encounter some other emergency situation, it's hard to remember what to do. This infographic can help you remember if you put it in your smartphone or print it out to keep in your wallet.

Here Are All the Rights You Have When Interacting With a Police Officer

how to answer police and avoid arrest - most avoidable arrests come from police trickery and intimidation, which lead you to consent to a search or admit guilt; know your rights and how to avoid police tricks with this handy infographic


An infographic about Girls and their Guns, the rise of firearms ownership among the female population. The rise of women carrying concealed weapons.

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Useful guide especially if you're in a Police State.

Tips for dealing with the police. I thought it may be good for people in the 'occupy' movement.

Escape an attack

How to escape an attack. Basic self defense for women brought to you by Instant Checkmate criminal background checks! The only problem I have with this is, that it is for women and not everyone as it should be.

Amendment shortlist

Christian allowances supersedes all The Federal-party offer's Constitutional Amendments Still can't understand the Constitution? Then you REALLY are stupid!

Good to know these moves, they might save your life one day!

Share for women's protection! Self defense is helpful for us ladies especially when travelling mostly alone. There's plenty of mean guys out there. Keep safe! 8 steps (unless you repeat step 8 twice;

Girls be craycray too don't kid yourself. Men have been beat,bruised,raped& killed by women. Evil isn't relegated to gender.this is just good for anyone being attacked!

Best easy self defense technique, go for the throat!<<for all guys (or any other gender) in a self defense situation against a women or any body for that matter this technique will work on anyone

Our constitutional rights!

This is a shorter and much simpler version of the bill of rights. The bill gives the good people of America their individual freedoms. The Bill of rights is apart of the US constitution.

Manly Skills for men

Manly Skills for men

Some manly survival skills to improve your manliness. And your manly-man-manliness. Be a manly woman if you freaking feel like it, yo.

The ar15 is okay... for combat rapid fire because the recoil isnt that bad so you dont really have to readjust your sites that much. Ill give them that.... bit the MP? Wth? Hell no. Id rather buy a sig. And I'd forsure take the tank!

Feels good to know my gun is in this list. 10 Best Guns for Women. i need one of those lol i like target shooting