Ways Of Beating Time. This is how conductors, well conduct! If you ever go to a orchestra concert watched them. It's cool!

Ways Of Beating Time. This is how conductors, well conduct! If you ever go to a orchestra concert watched them.

Stringed instruments & their relationships to the piano keyboard.

NOTES RANGE of the various members of the Violin / strings family, including viol, double bass, cello. Range is shown against piano keyboard -- a very useful chart. - CMH - The Violin Octet

Learn the importance of open string practice:

Cellist Alban Gerhardt on the importance of open string practice - The Strad

We're on quite the Lindsey Stirling kick this week at Beau Vinci Violins! Check out our tutorial of how to play Lindsey Stirling's 'Crystallize' and other tutorials at TheStringClub.com.

Learn Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling on Violin - How to Play Tutorial

We all need it for our bows, but how is it made?

In a humble shop in California, a craftsman cooks up a product no violinist can do without By Paul Kotapish Picture this: A rustic wedding in a California wilderness.

School is just around the corner! Here's a checklist to get you - and your instrument - ready for orchestra class!

With the rise of the new school year, there are many things to consider - one of which being preparing for orchestra class. Here's a checklist to look over when getting yourself (and your instrument) ready for class!

Five things that determine violin string height, making your instrument easier (or harder) to play

5 key points to examine on your instrument that could effect violin string height and make your instrument easier or harder to play.

How do luthiers go about making violins and other string instruments? While the process is much more complex than a five minute video, check out a brief overview of what goes into making this intricate instrument.

Violin Unit Study: How It's Made: Violins - show this to my graders as we study orchestra instrument families!

What do you need to know about your violin tailpiece, tail-gut and fine tuners? Find out here!

What you need to know about your violin tail piece, tail gut, and fine tuners - Beau Vinci Violins

The importance of a thorough understanding of Theory

Instead of simply focusing on technical prowess, performers should have as profound an understanding of music theory as composers do, argues cellist David Watkin, since it can only serve to develop their skills