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a woman leaning over with her head on the counter
Stages Of Labor - Sacred Pregnancy Blog
a pregnant woman is surrounded by other women in long skirts and bras, with the words blessingway on it
Look Inside | Sacred Pregnancy
a person laying down in a bath tub with candles on the side and an orange background
From the amazing Sacred Pregnancy
two women standing in a hospital room holding their hands together
Doula Myths | Tips for Doulas AND Parents!
Doula Myths & Truths. I love the wedding analogy
two people sitting in a hot tub with the words co - shower or no shower
What’s in a Fee?
What’s in a Fee? - Why your doula should get paid!!!
a speech bubble with the words as long as i'm not at a birth
Birth Doula Life on Call - challenging for sure!
a woman holding a sign with the word baoo on it and a baby in her arms
Doula Support For Your VBAC
VBAC doula support
a blue poster with the words, i am a professional doula and an image of a
Index of
Affirmations for Doula's
a diagram with several different types of labels on the bottom, and words below it
Evidence on: Doulas
Doula conceptual model
a poster with the words what happens when you add a doula to a birth?
Birth Boot Camp Labor + doula = ???
a pregnant woman with her arms behind her back and the words birth is not only about making it about making mothers strong
Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit
Artistic maternity photo. Birth is not only about making babies...
the words i advocate for mothers and babies how are you changing the world?
I'm a doula!
there is no force equal to that of a determined woman in white writing on a black background
here, here!