"Bucket List" Before I Turn 30

I know that turning 30 doesn't mean I've kicked the bucket, but I'm only going to be in my 20s until 2/3/2014!
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2014 - Read at least one book a month

Training Plan for Running a half marathon!

13.1 Half Marathon 26.2 Marathon I RUN like a by MREdesignsLLC, $8.00

How to Run Faster Tempo Runs: How to Push Yourself Past Your Comfortable Running Pace from @FitSugar

Bucket list

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Bucket List

See the Great Wall of China

Although I am not much a fan of the cold I would like to see this someday

I rode in a gondola this summer and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The guy giving us the ride sang in italian and told us about gondolas and venice. This sould definitly be on your bucket list! Best. Trip. Ever!! Hope to go to Italy again sometime :)

To be spontaneous and just choose a direction and drive with no particular destination. To be completely spontaneous and see what pops up along the way.... lol... this goes completely against my OCD nature.

Bucket list

Christmas season in New York City

100 Things to do before I die "Bucket List" Live Your Life.

Watch baby turtles hatch... aww.

Bucket List

Make a difference in Someone's Life ~ # 22 on My Bucket List * My sister (God bless her) has said that I've fulfilled this one, by making a difference in her life.

I saw ground zero while I was in New York it was a very meaning full place to see where many peoples life's changed in just one day.

Bucket list!

A passport to your national parks!

Abraham Lincoln - The Prairie Years...The War Years by Carl Sandburg

21 Ways to Take Advantage of your 20s