Backdrop for the bridal table at your reception!

Ann Arbor Wedding at Zingerman's

Reception backdrop idea - strings of party lights cast a cheerful, warm glow over the entire dinner and make for some incredible indoor photos!

Cute idea! How you met the bride

Bridesmaid pose with chalkboards showing off how they met the bride. Good idea for groomsmen as well.

Awesome use of tulle and lights!

Tulle & Christmas Lights can be used in a variety of ways to transform ceilings. Use different kind of lights to fit your theme, like big globe lights for a garden party or icicle lights for a winter wedding. Tulle is so cheap to!

flower frame

i like the idea of a picture of just you and your spouse dancing to your wedding dance. a moment clearly not part of the wedding but done on your own (and then later also done at the reception) wedding dance

Sunflower Bouquet

Sunflower bridal bouquet - perfect for a fall wedding wedding bouquet sunflower bride fallwedding autumn fall

On my (dream) country property, there's a beautiful, big barn perfect for hosting fabulous parties of all kinds in. I can see it now, decorated many different ways depending on the event. They're all so much fun & bring me much happiness!

feyonc. need for an engagement party.

An awesome idea for an engagement announcement: the Feyonce sweatshirt! So cute! I seriously need this shirt


Jaw Dropping White Lace Valentino Gown BEACH WEDDING idea, & bathing suite with the colors of the brides maids dresses !