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10 ways to lower your grocery budget drastically that you are going to want to see! I feed my family of four on $150 a month!


Our $200 Grocery Budget: How to Start Building a Grocery Stockpile

Want to save money on your grocery bill? Having a grocery stockpile is one of the main things that allows us to live on a $200/mo. grocery budget. Want to get started building your own stockpile? Learn how here!

What to Buy in February

What to Buy in February - Take a look at these money saving tips on what to buy in February to save money on groceries, seasonal items, and more.

8 MUST BUY Dollar Store items for Decorators and Crafters

Transform your home with these must buy Dollar Tree items for decorators and crafters!

6 Reasons Why You Need Amazon Prime & How to Get It FREE

6 Reasons Why You Need Amazon Prime and How to Get it Free. And you thought it was just free shipping! #Amazon

5 Tips on How To Feed A Family of 7 for Just $75 a Week! Plus Free Printable Meal Planning Guide Worksheet & Meal Plans!

How Much Should You Spend On Groceries

how much should you spend on groceries? This blog post offers you ideas that might help you figure out just how much your family should be spending each month on groceries.