Children's Books Farm to Table

Farm to table... children's books provide so much information for kids in the classroom!
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children's books about farms are featured in this book cover art print featuring farm animals
Children's Books about Farms
Does your child like farms and farm animals? Read these 8 children's books about farms. A great way to tie in with a trip to the farm or nursery songs.
25 farm animal books for kids
25 Farm Books for Kids
25 Farm Animal Books for Kids. This is a great collection of books to read with preschoolers & kindergarteners.
apples, oranges and pears are shown in three different pictures with an apple season book
Love, Laughter, and Literacy
Love, Laughter, and Literacy: Making Applesauce
a child reaching up to pick an apple from a tree with the words'up, up, it's apple picking time '
Up, Up. Up! It's Apple-Picking Time
an advertisement for farmers market with people walking in the street and flowers on the sidewalk
A Day at the Market
A Day at the Market This book is all about Pike Place Market, in Seattle. I purchased this book because it's local and shows a farmer's market. Some of the language/vocab is tough for kindergarten, but lots of kids had been to the Market and recognized certain things.
farm book cover with pictures of farm equipment
First Facts: Farm Perfect non-fiction book on farms, for kindergarten. We used the table of contents to help us find information about harvest, wheat, and crops. These were great vocabulary words for the kids too. The text is great and the captions are a nice addition. Great book!
the children are holding pumpkins in their hands
Pick a Perfect Pumpkin; Learning about Pumpkin Harvests I love that this book focuses on "harvest" and is set at a pumpkin farm, since we just went to the pumpkin farm. This was a great book! Love the use of speech bubbles. I need to remember that we should make pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, or pumpkin soup when we read this book. It talks about how pumpkins are used in foods we eat.
a jar of jelly next to a strawberry on the cover of a book about berries to jelly
Berries to Jelly Perfect book for kindergarten!!! Large print, simple words, step by step instructions, great photos.
the berry book by gail gibson
Berry Book
The Berry Book: Gail Gibbons I love all of Gail Gibbons' books! The layout on the first page is great for making our own market collages. I don't read every word to my kindergarten class, beacause it's a little more detailed than we need. We focus on how berries grow, how they are sold, products they are used in, town berry festivals, and things we make with berries. Pie, jam, and ice cream are all featured.
the chicken leg sallimas dvd is shown
the book cover for farming by gail gibson, with an image of a farmer on a tractor
Farming: Gail Gibbons This book focuses on seasons on a farm, chores that need to be done, and types of farms. This would be a good example for making posters in writer's workshop.
an advertisement for the world of farming food from farm's to fruits and vegetables
Food From Farms Another great book for kindergarten. Simple text, beautiful photos, easy to understand. The focus is on what we do with the food from farms. ex:milk is made into cheese