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    Jews around the World

    Be'chol Lashon (which means "in every tongue") celebrates the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of the Jewish people.

    Jews around the World

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    Embracing A Jewish Henna Wedding Tradition

    Lacey Schwartz at the 5th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on May 6, 2006. (Mat Szwajkos/Getty Images)

    The top 13 Jewish newsmakers of 5775

    Jew Town (Cochin, India)

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    1949. Jewish woman in mellah of Asrir, north of Sahara.

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    kaifeng synagogue

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    Jews in China

    History of the Jews in China

    Young Jewish Greek girls from the Romaniote community in Ioannina

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    Mass Jewish wedding in Havana

    Mazal Tov: Mass Jewish wedding in Havana

    Ruth Behar - Anthropologist (recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship) returns to her native Cuba to profile the island’s remaining Sephardic Jews and chronicle her family’s journey to the U.S. as Cuban-Jewish exiles. Highlighting themes of expulsion and departure that are at the crux of the Sephardic legacy,

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    Asian Jewish Life - A Journal of Spirit, Society and Culture - Cover Story - Siona Benjamin's Interviews on Canvas

    A Journal of Spirit, Society and Culture - Cover Story - Siona Benjamin's Interviews on Canvas

    Argentina actually has the seventh largest Jewish community on the planet.

    Argentina Virtual Jewish History Tour | Jewish Virtual Library

    The phenomenon of Latin Americans converting to Judaism has exploded over the past few years – but one small Jewish synagogue is making it its mission to seek congregants in Latin America. Some who convert are descendants of Jewish in Spain and Portugal Known as Conversos, Crypto Jews, Anusim, Marranos, or secret Jews, they became Catholic in public but continued their forbidden Jewish practices in private, said they felt a pull to Judaism when they discovered, as adults, that Jesus was Jewish.

    Growing Number Of Latin Americans Turning to Judaism

    Uruguayan Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn grows a congregation of Latin American Jews- Religion News

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    Scuola Grande Tedesca - Holy Ark -- Jewish Ghetto, Venice, Italy - The doors that cover the Holy Ark are most often in the shape of the two Tablets of the Law: the Ten Commandments. One can see here the lovely carving on the outside of the door, and on the armrests of the elders' seats. On the inside of each door is an inscription of the text of five of the Ten Commandments made with mother-of-pearl inlay. The crown symbolizes the supremacy of the Commandments. .............

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    Sepharad - Jewish Quarter, Cordoba, Spain

    Cordoba Juderia - Cordoba Synagogue - Jewish Quarter in Cordoba

    Siona Benjamin's Interviews on Canvas: Faces of the Bene Israel

    A Journal of Spirit, Society and Culture - Cover Story - Siona Benjamin's Interviews on Canvas

    The sanctuary of Congregation Sha'are Zedeck in San Juan, Puerto Rico, featuring tapestries of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

    Three Denominations Sizzle in San Juan | Travel

    Jewish Yemenite traditional wedding outfits via @Jamie www.themodernjewi...

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    Budapest Jewish Quarter - Art Nouveau | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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    Photograph of Jewish men reading Hebrew prayers and celebrating Havdalah ritual in a private synagogue in Fez (Fes), Morocco. The Havdalah service marks the end of the Shabbat (Shabbos) holiday in the Jewish religion. The service includes lighting a candle. The small synagogue is attached to a private home of a Moroccoan Jew. Photograph by Nathan Benn taken February 16, 1980.

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    Falasha: Ethiopian Jewish family in Ethiopia

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    Mexican Jews

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    Jaime Fischman beside the tebah -- the reader´s lectern -- during a visit to the Sociedad de Beneficencia Sephardi in Lima, Peru.

    Who is a Jew in Peru

    Santa Maria la Blanca in Toledo is Europe’s oldest synagogue building and one of the most beautiful.

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    8 Pictures Revealing the Little-Known World of Black Jews - Mic

    8 Pictures Revealing the Little-Known World of Black Jews