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Tyroid remedy

Thyroid remedy juice recipe I changed this up a little for my hypothyroid condition by limiting the amount of cucumber to and adding 1 inch ginger, 10 radish and basil. to add heat and spice under direction of a healer

Anti-inflammatory pain reduction smoothie

Super Anti-Inflammatory Pain Reduction Smoothie Ingredients: - 1 cup organic cherries (anthocyanins in cherries help relieve pain more effectively than aspirin) - 2 ripe bananas (energy and help digestion) - 1 cup greens of your choice (very alkaline)

Miracle Cure Juice ~ Ingredients: (always choose organic whenever possible!) 2 lg beets 4 long carrots 2 apples (of any kind) 6 stalks celery 2 limes 2 inches ginger Juice and reap the amazing health benefits!