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Saturnia pyri moth

Macrocilix maia What do you see? The pattern looks like 2 flies approaching some bird dung. Also, there’s a bad smell emitted by this moth. whyevolutionistru...

Nolid Moth Caterpillars (Nolidae)

joseph scheer moth

it's the little things.....


african crimson specked moth

When threatened, the Io moths (Automeris io) will spread their wings to reveal a startling eyespot pattern, used to deter predators!

Kate Kelleher

The Hickory Horned Devil (Citheronia regalis) which will develop into the Regal Moth. The Hickory Horned Devil is among the largest of our native caterpillars at 2.5-14 cm in length. They vary slightly in color, but are commonly blue-green. Sections near the head have two long and two shorter orange, black-tipped appendages that look like horns. Although the caterpillar appears to be fierce and dangerous, it is harmless. Photo via University of Florida Nassau County Extension.

This stunning Wasp Moth is Cosmosoma regia. It's a gorgeous insect that sports an electrifying-blue body with a splash of vibrant crimson on its abdomen.

Beautiful blue moth,

Mexican Blue Tailed Fly Actually not a fly but a Tiger Moth

Brown Hooded Owlet Moth caterpillar

Blue moth on fall grasses

Leopard Moth Blue Spots

blue terracotta textile moth

An alice blue moth.

Pretty Blue Moth



Blue Moth