Cloud Paints by Glossier

Glossier Cloud Paints (Amelia Says)

I think Glossier have officially launched the product that is the best thing since sliced bread. Cloud Paints are a seamless gel-cream blush and they are literal perfection. Inspired by New York sunse


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I love old type writers and this one is pink it!

A typewriter isn't needed but it represents story writing. In a game a story is a big part of the game itself. A script is a good thing to have, especially if there are going to be voice actors. This is just where you can buy a typewriter shown.

Beautiful palette.

Colours of the sunset. Nature is the greatest inspiration and can find the perfect colour combinations. All we have to do is look around and nature will show us how it works best together.

Peonies //

Peonies along with white cala lillies these are my favorite flower.especially in this beautiful blush pink color

Patterson Maker

Since we're dreaming would love to see this beautiful pink sky and white fluffy clouds~