Jess Lane
Jess Lane
Jess Lane

Jess Lane ---- Reminds me of (I think) that Poe story.

tattoos and artwork by Cassandra Frances Set clock to 121a jacens time of birth.... ?

deviantART: More Like Horse-Tribal-Tattoo by ~Susetti

Jewels...DESCRIPTION AND MEANING: Belinda asked us to design an anklet tattoo looking like a piece of jewelry to represent the members of her family. The anklet encloses four animals, each one associated to a member of the family: a horse head with mane flying to represent freedom a wolf head to represent consistency and loyalty a dolphin to represent joy and the ability to be tough when needed a cat for elegance, independence and mistery

Paw print tattoo. This is the first foot tattoo I've ever seen that I actually love. Wouldn't copy it exactly from this girl, but it looks really awesome on her. Love.

This is the tattoo I would like to have with some changes to the paw prints. Maybe a horse hoof print.

barbara blocksberg

horseshoe tattoo | Tumblr

Abs abs abs abs! check this out! #Re-Tire #abs #fitness Pin it to Save it! Why Crunches and Sit Ups do NOT Get You Six Pack Abs

Story of my life @ DIY Home Ideas (this would make a good gift for a couple of people I know!)

Funny Cross Stitch-Today is Not Your Day..... #LOVE

il me faut ça pour ma cuisine :-)