Nothing is sweeter than honey, except maybe Pier 1’s honey-themed wall decor. With a charming handcrafted aesthetic, it’s sure to create a buzz wherever you hang it.

Pure Honey Wall Decor

Felted scarf "Tulips"

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Its easy to forget how out of control your set of keys can get. They take up a lot of space and get pretty uncomfortable in your pockets. This awesome key holder solves that problem by folding them into a neat and compact little stack. They'll stay in place, make less noise, and save room in your bag or pockets for your other every day carry items! Use code ORGANIZE15 in the next 30 days for 15% off!
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Designed By Lei

Infinity Heart Ring

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Hanging Book Shelf - Drill three holes in a slab of wood, thread some rope through and tie a knot at each end. Hang the suspended slab of wood via a hook screwed into a ceiling beam and you’ve got yourself a beautiful alternative to a table.


Become a DIY Expert With These 25 Projects

Galvin Cafeteria Table | World Market

Cost Plus World Market
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Grumpy Cat Puppet | 23 Products For Anyone Who's Feeling Stressed Out

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Chic Iridescent Peacock Earrings


Chic Iridescent Peacock Earrings Free US Shipping Small or Large

Pfeifer Studio | 33 Totally Underrated Places To Shop For Home Decor Online

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pretty cool shower curtain if you ask me...

Apartment Therapy

How To: Decorate with Unicorns

Epic backyard treehouse.

Brisbane Kids

Great backyard tree house | Gardens Click

i can't believe i ate the whole thing . . .

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Mickey Mouse Tape Dispenser

New Arrivals | Disney Store

bookshelf love

SaiFou Image | SaiFou
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I Don't Like Morning People | Hoodie | Funny Gifts For Her | SKREENED

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Adira Candle Lantern

Adira Candle Lantern

I want, no, need this.

One Cat Short of Crazy | HUMAN

elf ears

Crystal Asteroids

Japanese Floating Vase

Japanese Floating Vase Cobretti Blog

I want this for Christmas.

Thug Life Shirts

My Friend Wants To Know

Reefer Madness poster. 12x18 Kraft paper Art by UncleGertrudes

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