Becky Green

Becky Green

disney princess, costume student, queen fan, book person.
Becky Green
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Braids, Shorter Hair, Eye, Face, Braid Hairstyles, French Braids, Short Hairstyle, Twists, Hair Weaves, Knit Stitches, Cornrows

Bow, Kaz Brekker, Portraits, Men, Arch, Ribbon, Onion

New mixed media artwork created for the August issue of BRAIN magazine using acrylics and cotton thread. Image credit: Magazine image cover from Brain Magazine

Who says New Year's resolutions are just for humans? What are we talking about? Weight loss for your cat, of course.

Hands On, Hand Embroidery, Japanese Embroidery, Embroidery Patterns, Illustration, Ps, Insects, Needlework, Stitching, Dots, Embroidery, Hand Crafts, Couture, Costura, Embroidery Designs, Sew, Bugs, Handarbeit, Stitch, Punch Needle Patterns, Stitches, Stitches, Sewing