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lakeside cottage

Lake House vacation home. I like the idea of sitting on the steps with my feet in the lake. I would love to live on the water!


~ Yvonne Amazing_Lake_Home_Mansion_Beautiful_Villa_Pool_Castle_Backyard


Pick Lock With Hairpins -- Lock picking isn’t just for locksmiths and criminals, in fact it’s a skill that could very well save your life someday. Criminals are more likely to break a window, rather than waste their time dealing with picking a lock.

Farmhouse pantry

Farmhouse Pantry by Dave Wilson. Photo taken at the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm -- GOOD idea for basement food storage (self made walk-in fridge)


Classic Pink + Blush Wedding

no words...

My dream, a beautiful beach on a sale boat reading a good book


VW on a road trip! memories of my cream VW beetle, doing its weekend trips back home = those were the days, no troubles just living life to the full

moon-sylph: simply-divine-creation: Alex Strohl ☽ ⁎ ˚ * ☀ Mystique, autumn, nature ✵ ⁎ * ☾


I did this with red and white candles. It turned out super cute for the first stretch of the candles being lit, but once they started melting down and getting shorter, it wasn't as cute and now I just have a little metal bucket full of wax.

1962 Volkswagen Beetle

1962 Volkswagen Beetle - my first car was a 1964 Candied Apple Red VW ragtop. My favorite car, hands down!