seorang laki-laki sederhana yang cinta keluarga dan suka motret
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Audio: A discussion of ruins. What is the fascination of "Ruin Porn" and what constitutes it. When do photos of ruins become "Ruin Porn."

"Real time" clock looks like a Dali interpretation! National Time clock, former Cass Technical High School building, 2009

Jerry Uelsmann photograph, 1964.

“The angel said, "I like black-and-white films more than color because they're more artificial. You have to work harder to overcome your disbelief. It's sort of like prayer.

Jerry Uelsmann’s “Untitled’’ 1996. Before Photoshop allowed image makers to bend reality to their will with a single keystroke there was Jerry Uelsmann. He created surreal images the hard way — not with digital shortcuts, but working in a darkroom with seven enlargers and multiple negatives.

Renowned American photographer Jerry Uelsmann was the leader in the concept of photomontage. For more than 50 years, he has produced captivating works where v…

Jerry Uelsmann tree house- nature idea

Build your house on a strong foundation and it will last. Roots of trees grasping at mother earth is one of the strongest things out there. Great feathering/fading from the house to the roots. The coloring is accurate as well.

Dariusz Klimczak

When The Music Starts by Dariusz Klimczak