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Beefeaters USA
Beefeaters USA
Beefeaters USA

Beefeaters USA

Beefeaters has been making high quality, oven-baked dog treats for over 20 years. Nothing tastes better than our oven-baked flavor! Visit us and shop online at

Balance AND willpower! This dog has it all!

Haha, they were interrupted while playing!

Richard S. in Clarksburg, WV and his Mix Breed named Sandy. Sandy enjoys snacking on some Beefeaters treats while watching Lassie.

Corgis are known for being Queen Elizabeth’s preferred breed and have been favored by the British for more than seventy years.

Historically the Lhasa Apso was bred as a guard dog for Buddhist monasteries, even taking the name “Lhasa” from the capital city of Tibet.

For over 30 years, one dog has been helping us take a bite out of crime. Debuting in 1980, his name is McGruff the Crime Dog.

Benji is undeniably a big Hollywood star and has fans all over the world.

Shayna K. and her Poodle named Silvie from Tuscumbia, AL. Silvie loves to snack on some Beefeaters Rawhide while watching Because Of Winn-Dixie.

Bob P. from Weaverville, NC. and his Annie, an Irish Wolfhound/Airdale mix. Annie enjoys watching 101 Dalmations while chowing on some Beefeaters Liver Tops.

Deanna H. and her Pekingese named Pooh Bear are from San Antonio, TX. Pooh Bear loves peanut butter biscuits.

Air Bud was released on August 1, 1997 and immediately became a family classic, winning over the hearts of its audience.

Elizabeth H. and Elle from Belle Chasse, LA. Elle is a Golden Retriever who loves eating Peanut Butter and watching Hachi: A Dog's Tale.

Wendy D. and her Lab Mix from Manhattan, IL. This pooch loves freeze dried liver and the movie Beethoven.

Rebekah R. from Winston-Salem, NC. and her Jack Russell Terrier named Curious Jorge! When Jorge isn’t busy being “curious” he likes to snack on some delicious Rawhide.

Betty C. and her beautiful Border Collie from Plainview, NY. This pup loves to chew on snack sticks while they watch Must Love Dogs.

One of the tallest breeds in the world, these giant-sized dogs are more like a small horse. Standing on its hind legs the Irish Wolfhound can reach up to 7 feet tall and weigh between 90-150 pounds on average.

The “Setter” in Irish Setter refers to a type of gundog, often used for hunting quail, pheasant or grouse. The Irish Setter is known for its long, silky coat that is usually red or chestnut in color.