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In New Zealand lives the Maori's they have been living there for many years and are very well known for their tatto design moko is the .

tatsthatdontsuck: Sean from Texas on Honor Hamilton

varsityqueerleadercaptain: “tatsthatdontsuck: “Sean from Texas on Honor Hamilton ” seriously one of my fave tattoo artists :’ ”

I want this because my mom hates tattoos and still doesn't believe that I'm my straight

I know this is a gay pride tattoo, but it could be a great minimalist chakra tattoo. (Maybe down the chest or back vertically) ♥

Shiny, black healed, color fresh, but super happy with this one!


- Maori Tribe - New Zealand - ta moko is a traditional marking (carving) or tattoo done by the Maori. - the skin is carved by chisels -