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Geekery Makes Me Happy

Geekery Makes Me Happy

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"Gender Bender" cosplay from #ECCC - love punny costumes!

Devilfish Review... Our fantastic cover art from Corene Werhane! I love it so much. She takes commissions and is fantastic.

Devilfish Review | Corene "Nezumi" Werhane

Never apologize for being nerdy...

At derby practice, I was wondering why we turn left, rather than skating clockwise. I decided it was one of those things that are seeded through time, like Bad Wolf for Rose... just a subtle hint to Donna.

  • Claire Boyd
    Claire Boyd

    At skating rinks that is the default direction (ice, roller, etc). You turn by pushing outward with your outside foot. Skating counterclockwise makes this your right foot, which is the dominant foot for most people. It is therefore less tiring than trying to endlessly skate in circles the other direction using your less dominant side. Sucks to be a leftie.

Rock crystal dice, marked one to six. 1st-2nd Century AD. Roman Imperial Period. via the British Museum.

Although, I'm not sure I know any "normal" people...

Nice, London. Real nice.

Coulson Lives

And now my head hurts. Wait... wouldn't the Angle move forward, because they could still see the Silence? Has the Angel seen video of the Moon landing?

Uhm... Hufflepuff is a Hogwarts house, their animal is the badger. The house was founded by Helga Hufflepuff. It's a wizarding world family name. (Er... but don't ask me about Pokemon.)

  • Katelyn Farrugia
    Katelyn Farrugia

    Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders


Bats and Diana = OTP

Okay we've all heard about pi pies, but come on. This apple pi has filling made of actual numbers. The bar has officially been raised.

And I can just hear it in his voice too. Slightly concerned right up until CATastrophe where he gets all goofy about being able to make a bad pun.

♥ "Say it again."

Wonder Woman all dressed up by Hanie Mohd. I love everything about this.

I really need to not have Crow as a role model. "Oh look, breach hull, I'll die. Even had it underlined!"

ENTP Photo by scifantastic | Photobucket

I actually read a great letter from Peach to Mario about this. basically that while her marriage to Bowser was a politcal one, it was in the best interest of her people, and that Mario has no clue what's going on in her world and to please quit pursuing her.

Pretty much.

"Oh my beautiful idiot..." Yes. This episode is the best episode.

Princess Jasmine by Sam Nielson.... When did Jasmine get into skin bleaching? :(

And then I died from laughter.

Wonder Woman is always better when she actually looks like she has muscles.

DC Antiquity - Wonder Woman by dustsplat on deviantART

The Pulp Magazines project is putting up issues of the old school pulp mags. It's like Project Gutenburg, but with more awesome.

Yes, yes, a thousand time yes.