U.S. Infantry

After delivering U. Soldiers and Iraq dignitaries to their final destinations, Crew Chief Sgt. Fred Oser, A. Company Combat Aviation Brigade, attached to Heavy Brigade Combat Team, …


The AMLO Military page added a new photo — with Jose Fernando Cuadros and Susan M Robichaux.


Infantry, what they really do. INFANTRY What my Jimmis yhink i dry What my friends think I do What the media thinks I do locals think I do What Con eleven Bang bamg


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Responding to the deadliest attack against U. forces in Afghanistan in more than three years, the White House issued a statement Monday saying its “thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and their loved ones.

27th Infantry Regiment - Wolfhounds

Wolfhound crest for battalion infantry of the division. I was honored to fly with these warriors, WG.

25th Infantry Patch

25th Infantry Patch

Army 25th Infantry Division Coffee Mug

Army Infantry Division Coffee Mug by arklights

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