Rainy wedding

Gumboots in case it rains. Wedding Bride & Groom in the Rain. Must remember to have a cute rain backup plan

Have a cute umbrella ready for the wedding just in case of rain. ;)

Colorado Wedding by Jenna Walker Photography

I have a serious soft spot for those Colorado Rockies and an even softer spot for couples that totally embrace whatever their big day may bring. including rain and snow. This couple got a little of .

great photo ideas for how to make the best of rain at your wedding

rainy kiss-yes a must, however not in a wedding dress. Just a kiss on the sidewalk in the pouring rain.

Weddington Boots - just in case the rain tries to ruin your wedding day

Weddington Boots - Wedding Wellies for my sister

Rainy (or snowy) wedding day!

Christmas Weddings

A winter bride braves the snow in a pair of silver hunter's

wedding rain boots

Vintage Inspired Swirly Hair Updo DIY

Be prepared with funky wedding wellies.

new york rainy wedding

New York Rainy Wedding Day - Clear Umbrellas

rainy wedding

Coordinating umbrellas and bridesmaids dresses for a rainy wedding day.

a rainy wedding blog

It's like rain on your wedding day. It better rain on my wedding day.

rainy wedding :)

A rainy wedding day turned into a great photo pop HeatherParkerPhotography

Rain on your wedding day = Good luck in marriage!! ;-)

love the reflection--christmas card

Rain on your wedding day can make for great photos!

Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos by JP & Joe Elario

rainy day wedding

If you're getting married in a big city (especially New York City), it's only fitting your getaway vehicle is a taxi cab. Photo by Christian Oth Studio - Wedding And Dressing

A rainy wedding day.

A rainy wedding day.

Rainy Wedding Day

I love how the bride has a red umbrella!

rainy barn wedding

rainy barn wedding just in case!