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Beginner's Fitness Programs

How do I start on the path to fitness?

Beginner's Fitness Programs

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Ballerinas are the strongest.

A common misconception is that marathon training can be used for weight loss. This is dangerous! In fact, you will most likely gain a few pounds. Here's why.

VIDEO: 3 Ways You're Cheating During Your Workouts - Are You Guilty of These Common Fitness Mistakes?

7 Reasons to Work Out in The Morning … Need some compelling reasons to work out in the morning? There has been a longstanding debate on what part of the day is the best time to …

7 Reasons to Work Out in The Morning ...

Want to know how a 92 year-old woman can run a marathon?! I think this is AMAZING!

Think you may be at risk for a heart attack? Here's a test that could save your life. #hearthealth

Can exercise prevent preterm births?

As seen on Steve's wall...

The fastest workout in the world - 4 minutes!

This site gives you a step by step guide where you will learn how to change your life style.

Beginner's Fitness Programs