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How to Preserve Homegrown Herbs with Sea Salt: In the Pantry

How to Preserve Homegrown Herbs with Sea Salt: A simple and tasty alternative for preserving fresh homegrown herbs. The fresh herbs permeate every ounce of the salt mixture and release a fragrant aroma.

How to Pay for Emergency Pet Care | Unexpected Medical Expenses

Finding money for emergency pet care and unexpected pet medical expenses. A list of sources to pay for emergency pet care.

Kalanchoe bracteata glabra

Kalanchoe bracteata - Silver Teaspoons is a small compact shrubby succulent plant, up to 4 feet m). The ovate leaves are up to.

Blue-throated Barbet

The Blue-throated Barbet (Megalaima asiatica) . Barbets and toucans are a group of near passerine birds with a world-wide tropical distribution. this species eats fruits and insects. This could be the CPSE bird

Blackburnian Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler (Setophaga fusca [formerly Dendroica fusca]) breed in eastern North America, from southern Canada, westwards to the southern Canadian Prairies, the Great Lakes region and New England, to North Carolina.

Dusky Woodswallow

Dusky Woodswallow (Artamus cyanopterus), is a bird species of forests and woodlands in temperate and subtropical regions, extending into tropical areas around the Atherton Tableland in eastern and southern Australia.