viking symbol called inguz, means "where there is a will, there is a way"

tattoo - viking symbol called inguz, means "where there is a will, there is a way" i love this. -I like the simple meaningful symbol idea


TINY cross behind ear. The tinier the better, but still cute! My dream tattoo, maybe in white

Sometimes you have to let to go be able to move on... Inspiration, illustration, tattoo design, typography, type, hand rendered, balloon, girl, by Yasmin Stopford.

I like this quote, but instead of holding balloons I'd get a house. Because of my past

Musical Note Ear Cascade Ear Tattoos... I would probably be able to manage this one... :)

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Music Tattoo

If I get a tattoo behind the ear then this will definitely be my choice! So simple but beautiful

Metallic flash #tattoos are set to become a gorgeous #summer #beauty trend.

Metallic Flash Tattoos Are Set to Become a Gorgeous Summer Beauty Trend

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nice glyphs. read more here

I'm getting my first tattoo in a month and I want it to be the 'explore' glyph but then I had an amazing idea! Get a different glyph on each of my fingers, it would look awesome!


Music notes tattoo behind the ear. I'd just have one quaver note or treble clef delicately inked!

Really want this cross tattoo behind my ear

Love The Hair Color. Love The Earrings. Love The Cross Behind Ear Tattoo.