Bees, Neonicotinoids & Behnke's

Behnke Nurseries is aware that neonicotinoid insecticides have been implicated as part of a complex of factors, including mites and viruses, that collectively cause bee colony collapse disorder. We also are aware that the misapplication of many other pesticides will weaken or kill foraging bees and other non-target organisms.
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Great idea to attract butterflies

According to the previous pinner this is a "Great idea to attract butterflies we have done this it works It also attracts Baltimore Orioles" !Hope I get some Baltimore Orioles here in New Zealand!

Planting wildflowers, to replenish much of the meadow and wildflower habitat that has been lost over the years, is a very positive step we can take to assist bees and other pollinators.

Pollinator friendly gardens - garden features that support pollinators. It’s easy to create pollinator friendly gardens. Many of the features that pollinators like, humans like, too. Here are seven garden features Julie recommends .

A Meadow for Bees | The 104 Homestead - Did you know you can create a happy habitat for your local bees? They'll thank you with amazing gardens.

Help prevent Colony Collapse Disorder

Native bee populations are suffering.They refer to it as Colony Collapse Disorder. You can help by planting native bee-friendly flowers.

Is Your Local Garden Center Taking Action on Neonicotinoids? by Susan Harris