Pretty for an herb garden.

18 Most Common Gardening Questions Answered

Very creative! A tidy circle of bricks filled with stones and containers creates a focal point in a section of lawn near the house. The small pots are planted with hens-and-chicks; the large container overflows with a riot of flowers and foliage plants.

Apartment Gardening Ideas

How to Make an Herb Garden from a Pallet

Designing your own vertical herb garden is a fun project. Vertical gardens allow you to grow herbs and some fruits and vegetables that do not require a lot of soil, such as strawberries or lettuce. Growing your own herbs for cooking or for medicinal.

BASIL  Prune every four weeks to just above the bottom two sets of leaves. If the plant is allowed to flower, it will lose flavor.

Gardening Tips… Basil Basics: Prune basil regularly for best flavor. About every four weeks, prune basil back to just above the bottom two sets of leaves. If allowed to flower, it will lose flavor. From Fine Gardening.

Top 10 Anti Inflammatory Herbs and How They Help

Top 10 Anti Inflammatory Herbs - If in search for the best anti inflammatory herbs, find this article useful. There are numerous herbs that have been proven to aid in various health problems such as inflammation, infection, blood clotting and more.

Wall of Herbs

Edible Garden, the Atlanta Botanical Garden. A garden wall of fresh herbs with an outdoor kitchen where chefs host cooking classes. An herb wall - a dream!

right outside your kitchen window-herb garden. love this idea. need to replant my herbs anyways.

Kitchen Herb Window Box - Window Boxes are perfect for culinary herbs. Many of them grow well in confined spaces, and window boxes provide the good drainage essential to most herbs.

Chelsea herb garden

Pretty herb garden with Lavandula stoechas 'Pedunculata' Allium giganteum. purple fennel angelica and many more at the back of the herb garden don't need to be touched but look pretty and tall.

Good to Plant Herbs

Terra-cotta pot tower … a good idea for an herb garden … takes very little space

Herb Garden Plant Pot Markers - 15 Green w/Pics. $22.98, via Etsy.

Herb Garden Plant Pot Markers - 15 Green w/Pics


13 Unusual and Upcycled Container Gardens

Great use of clay pots: Pot Feet. It can't get simpler than this: Terra-cotta flower pots are turned upside down to hold wooden crates full of herbs.

Love. LOVE. Love. This idea for Herb Gardening! The circle borders keep them from spreading. Plus you can walk around them when gathering.

herb garden in sunken pots. keeps it nice and organized and keeps the herbs from spreading like the sunken pot idea for the front flower bed.

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Stone Herb Markers use a white Sharpie pen. I'm about to plant my herb garden. What a good idea.

Herb garden amongst the stairs

If you’ve been itching to start an outdoor garden but are limited by space, climate, or time, a smaller indoor herb garden might just be the perfect alternative. From elegant hanging gardens …

Hardly Housewives: 2012 Herb Garden

Doing some fall cleaning and looking for something to do with old, broken, terra cotta pots? Re-purpose them for herb or flower markers!