Lol! So funny

This post! Elsa is as covered up and un-sexy Disney princesses get Cinderella was sexier than her

Can this please become a book?!>> literally my complete thought thought that whole thing like that was great. Someone start a fanfiction about that

This is totally worth the read, okay? I highly recommend it. Just find time to read this. Pin now,read later if you have too. Some heart breaking some incredibly sweet

Create Your Next Video in 60 Seconds or Less..

I miss having your head on my chest. my heart rhythm is off without you. poem Printed on canvas paper by LouiseErskineDesigns on Etsy,

I hate this myth. While this tea was around it was currency in one of the east Asia countries. While it might have showed up here, most people drank loose leaf tea that had been sealed in cannisters.<<<<< I like the other story better

Importance of 504s

I had a 504 plan in high school. It saved my public school experience. I was lucky to have a very accommodating school and teachers, but I know plenty of my friends were not blessed with such.

Y'all got any color changing rocks? Both my sister and I's eyes change color. My eyes change shade of brown and hers change between green and blue<<< mine change to any natural color but brown.

Nonono it should be "I'm grandad"<<< No because if you look at the words, she said honey which is generally not a term used to refer to your father

So if I wasn’t in the SPN fandom, which aired in I was I’m a fake fan?

Superheroes with contradicting powers | Tumblr | This is how Blades feels in Rescue Bots.

lol sounds a little like the percy jackson series. at some point every one of them fears their gifts for some reason or other.<< we, the Percy Jackson fandom, can find random posts like this, and make it related to our series.

10 Family Memes Today!#2 Best Husband Oscar Award.


AU where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate. ADDITIONALLY: When your soulmate dies, the world goes back to black and white

Possible Promposal Idea :)

14 Photos of True Love That Will Melt Your Heart