Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy – by Gary L. Thomas

The Best Apology - How to say sorry like you mean it. #staymarried

The Best Apology - How to Say Sorry Like You Mean It

{Via Pinterest} This inspiring marriage quote touches my heart. Sometimes my husband and I cant help but compare ourselves with other married couples. How come theyre able to afford that? How do they stay patient with each other all these years? Wh

Marriage Quote on Your Journey Together - Wifely Steps

In a rut? Here are 31 ways to spice up, strengthen and sweeten your marriage.

How to make your marriage rock in just 31 days

Gold and garland: | Photography: Kristen Weaver -

Luxury Garden Wedding in Winter Park, Florida at Casa Feliz

Outdoors Cake + Dessert Table, homestyle, greenery garland; by Bash Please, photo: Our Labor of Love

Natalie & Michael - Bash Please


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Garden weddings are adorable, especially in spring or summer as a garden at this time looks like heaven. Choose a beautiful garden for your summer nuptials ...

84 Vivacious Summer Garden Wedding Ideas

Polka Dot Wedding Inspiration: Fun and Fabulous!

How to Date Husband How to Date Your Husband When You Cant Afford Dates

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28 tips for every Mormon couple: Marriage advice, encouragement from LDS leaders | Deseret News

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Happily Married

How to Be Happily Married in a World of Unhappy Marriages

This is beautiful. We all over use the word love, the meaning has gotten so watered down. You are the...... anniversary Ideas

hot air balloon with flower basket - wedding table centerpiece

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Front door for a Bridal Shower - so cute!

Front door at the Bridal Shower – so cute @ Wedding-Day-Bliss

Edwardian high neck modest wedding dress. Lace, mermaid fit from Gateway Bridal.

Caroline + Stewart - Utah Wedding Photographer

Encouraging Marriage Quotes & Images

LOVE these anniversary ideas! SO doing them this year!

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The best results which come from any relationship is when the people realized there is good and bad in all of us and decided bad was temporal, but the good was there to stay.

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Face to face, heart to heart, I’ve recently been inspired to say words of encouragement to my husband more frequently. You’ll see why when you keep reading.This list of 20 things to say to encourage your husband is a result of that inspiration...

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Love is unconditional and 'knows' that our psychological pain comes but from our ego. Attachment 'thinks' that our pain comes from other people. Attachment dissolves when its object does not conform to what our ego wants. The pain we feel then is created by our frustrated ego, which calls these people toxic, whereas it's our own ego who acts toxically. This is called projection and precludes our development.~JY Besle

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Outdoor Date Ideas to Keep the Adventure Going Strong! Can include the kids too. Eventually when things go to that level, I wanna include the kids, because it's important the woman I choose be good with little peanut, and me with hers if she has them.

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1 year anniversary photo shoot.Photography by, Floral Design by, Floral Design by

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