Maybe life isn't about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it's about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it.

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"I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say 'because of you, I didn't give up.'" Through my experiences at Rasmussen College and my personal motivation to overcome adversities, I have been told that I am an inspiration to others. RasSpirit

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Perfectly said..

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..i would love to have this type of impact on someone..but for the true and positive reasons..not for the ignorant and negative..many want to be an inspiration..but are too blind to realize that what they exude is greed and cant be an inspiration when your mirror has too many smudges in it..think about it..

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Amen! I am a big believer in this. I've seen it happen again and again.

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The Struggle Is Part Of The Story

romans 8:28

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It's ok to be scared. Being scared means you're about to do something really, really brave. #wisdom #affirmations #fear #courage. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

Be scared and take the plunge

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Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you've always imagined.

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Believe in yourself. Remember how far you have come. Check out my new blog

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* i n t o * p l a c e *

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It is interesting how we often can't see the ways in which we are being strong. -Lena Dunham LOVE GIRLS AND LENA

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Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

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Beauty, courage, discipline, sacrifice, vulnerable, wounded = not destroyed [but she continues to try]

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She's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. She sees possibility everywhere.

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It is a choice to love even when you aren't feeling it. It is hard work sometimes but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Too many people give up too soon. However I am a realist and know there are times when that isn't an option especially when physical abuse is involved,

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Sad that you missed out on somebody who put u before there self and did anything possible for you. Oh well ur loss, u missed out on someone special. The sad part is you won't ever have it back EVER. I have known u 6 years and u put people u just met i front of me? That sounds just like a "true freind" :D

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Christopher Robin Quote to Pooh! Great words of wisdom as you Graduate, Reminds me of my Mama... Your Gram Peggy =)

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Ame n. Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.' #courage #quotes #inspiration

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C.S. Lewis

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Great Advice #190: Learn how to take criticism seriously, but not personally.Hillary Clinton: Learn how to take criticism seriously, but not personally.

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