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Usually people like top hats to hide their hardware, but a group of students at Cornell University’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering decided to give their hardware some support …


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Michael Yang has developed a new microcontroller, KeKePad, that can bypass conductive thread with a system that uses cables, according to Make. The matching Ke Cables are 3-pin made with Teflon coated copper core wire, which is lightweight, durable and loved by the military.


Phantom Power is a wearable musical instrument created by Brady Bei. It consists of an analog synthesizer located on the arm and is operated and performed using both hand gestures and screwdriver. …

We often think about how wearables can be used to connect us to people we have in our life, but what if they could connect us with the people we’ve lost? “Remember you will [not] die&#8…

More and more we are seeing artists use wearable electronics in a performance context. “Beats Exposed” by Danielle Butler, Lisa Jamhoury, and Aaron Parsekian is an example of an interac…

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At Sony’s recent Playstation event they demonstrated the ‘synesthesia suit’ for the new Playstation VR game Rez: Infinite.  This suit has 26 transducers that pulse and vibrate dif…

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