Make ice in the bottom of plastic bottles, looks like a flower...float in a bowl of cute!!

Flower shaped ice cubes for punch bowl. Use the bottom portion of an empty 2 liter pop bottle to make flavored ice for your punch bowl.

Apple slices with the cores removed using mini cookie cutters. Serve with carmel dip for Halloween party

apple slices with cores removed using mini cookie cutters, serve with caramel dip for Halloween party; soak in lemon or pineapple juice to keep from browning.

Inside out caramel apples! 3 granny smiths. Melon ball out insides & soak in lemon juice. 2 cups caramels melted with 2 Tbsp corn syrup and cooled 15 minutes. Dry apples. Fill with caramel & refrigerate 30 minutes. #Halloween

Make a special Halloween treat or fun dessert using apples an melted caramel. This sweet treat is super easy to make. Simply core an apple, pour in melted caramel, chill and then slice into individual portions.

Squirmy jelly worms

Squirmy Jelly Worms Recipe {Fun Snack For Kids}.Not sure I could eat these but if I had kids I bet I would try the recipe.

fun kid food for a party

Party food idea Best party idea website Dump Truck Birthday Invitation for Construction Theme Birthday Party.

Halloween appetizers

Not a Trick: 13 Healthy Halloween Treats. How cute are these pretzel witch brooms? Made with string cheese and pretzel sticks, they’re an easy (and healthy) Halloween party snack.

Celery and Peppers Traffic Light Snack ~ Made with, yellow, and green peppers...and cream cheese!  YUM

Sweet and Savory Stop Lights

Celery and Peppers Traffic Light Snack! Made with, yellow, and green peppers.and cream cheese! great for kids!

Salty Bones Halloween Snack

Salty Bones Breadsticks: Easier than it looks! These salty bones can be made with refrigerated bread stick dough. Just slit them a bit on each end, and then fold the.

The Simple Things: Creating A Taco Bar. Perfect and easy for a gathering!

The Simple Things: Creating A Taco Bar shower idea Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Stymans Samaniego: we could do something like this on your mom's counter