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belami boys Matt Phillipe and Troy Allen Warming up for their 'undressed rehearsal'

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belami online Alex Orioli naked Important rule of thumb: never argue with someone who's got a very large and sharp knife! But don't worry...Matt has another 'instrument' he'll be impaling lovely Alex Orioli with! ;-)

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Sascha Chaykin. One of my Favorite Bel Ami beauties. This image of him was taken during the photo session that was featured in the Bel Ami film, Lukas In Love Part Two.

Sascha Chaykin 2012 pinups | Belami Bella | Belami Boys Forever

Of all the lovely couples within the entire Bel Ami 'canon', Ethan Clarke and Yves Carradine are a match made in Bel Ami Heaven. Passionate and romantic, the scene they share in Lukas In Love Part One remains as one of my favorite erotic scenes. I fell in love with them both from the first moment I saw them together and I still hold them very tightly to my heart. If they were not a couple behind the scenes, you wouldn't know it by watching them. They showed genuine affection for one another.

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Johan Paulik with Lukas Ridgeston. These two were my very first Bel Ami loves. Little over two years ago I discovered their beauty. To this day, they remain very special to me. You never forget your first love(s). I love and treasure them just as much now as I did the first time I saw them. And their scene together....classic Bel Ami magic.

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Bel Ami Boys: Sydney Mardi Gras 2011 - Burbujas De Deseo

Kevin Warhol belami boy

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Dolph Lambert top belami boy

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Kris Evans the all time favorite belami boy

Kris Evans | Belami Movie Boys Online Galleries

welcome to the belami boys!

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Ariel Vanean forever :-)

Ariel Vanean Forever | Belami Movie Boys Online Galleries