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I think I actually have this plant stand at home, I love this idea for something a bit more understated. Itsy Bits and Pieces: More From the 2013 Bachman's Spring Ideas House.

SUCCULENT: A mosaic garden, beautiful. As our summer/fall temps get wackier and water is a resource that we need to be smart about -- succulents (and the things we can do with them) are great garden additions.

Succulent border

Garden is an important place making you relaxed, comfortable and offering a chance to to stay close the nature. You’re lucky if you already have such a wonderful oasis near the house. But even if you did not have a large enough space, you still have the o

Home decor / sujardines con suculentas jardines con suculentas

Of course I like this - Home decor / succulents / airplants! Glass Globe Wall Decor mounted to recycled wood board with wrought iron hooks for unique home decor by PineknobsAndCrickets USD) htt.

DIY Garden Stepping Stone Ideas & Tutorials!

DIY Garden Stepping Stones

Succulent design

Dyckia platyphylla 'Cherry Coke' & Echeveria imbricata by anniesannuals Felts Felts Simmons

Succulent/xeriscape design

A Succulent Oasis at Sherman Library & Gardens

Succulent design ideas

7 reasons to grow succulents in the drought

Succulents look gorgeous, even during drought. They’ve got their own moisture sources, says Debra Lee Baldwin, succulent expert and author of three books on the subject. - Gardening Is My Life


How does your garden grow Made to order succulent vertical garden felt plants arrangement custom (by miasole, on Etsy)

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