Jane austens writing desk

One would wonder, If you sat at this desk, do you thinks you would be able to feel the spirit of Jane Austen, herself? Observe the rich patina. In Jane Austen’s time, the feather quill was the main writing instrument of choice.

Stunning quill pen!

One of my Dragonfly Magick Feather Quill Pens, created using vintage feathers, and real dried woodland ferns.

Ana Rosa

Calligraphy and dip pens, ink and other writing paraphernalia all fill me with delight. Paper, of a certain quality and beautiful notebooks, too, have the power to bring a secret joy. my stationery addiction will probably ruin me!

Antique Reproduction Pewter Glass Inkwell with Quill Pen. Anyone will write more pensive prose using this beautiful set. The 3" inkwell is of bubble glass shape with pewter base, cap and quill holder and measures 3". The authentic quill color will vary. Please allow 1 week for order processing. $19.50

Emily Dickinson's Inkwell & Quill Pen There was once a purposeful intent when pondered words were tediously scribed in fresh ink.