Listen & Silent, the same thing just a different arrangement of letters? I do know they go hand in hand thou!


Quote: Those Who Talk Behind Your Back

People can be so cruel sometimes. Just remember this. People who talk behind your back aren't your true friends. Like it says they are behind you for a reason. The only opinion that matters is Gods

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Whenever I wish upon a star I always end up praying instead. I love this quote because it is so true. Why wish upon a star when you CAN pray to the almighty god who created it?

God's Plans :)

God's plan for your life far exceed the circumstances of your day. Circumstances are just that.only circumstances


No this is from Winnie the Pooh.Christopher Robin said it to Pooh-- timeless wisdom - from wizard of Oz?

there is no reason to be jealous over someone else. everyone was born with a unique set of traits and qualities. let them shine with what they have, and you shine with what you have. don't bring others down. its not worth your time, and it just shows the type of person you are when you try to hurt someone else.

"You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building each other up instead of tearing each other down"

Getting back to healthy

Yes, I am sorry, dear body. I will treat you better. You carry me through each day of my life. Thank you, my dear body.

"Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great." - Steve Prefontaine

"Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great" - Steve Prefontaine Quote