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a scrapbook page with some dogs on it
Thanksgiving & Cut Outs Week Day 1 | Brianna
a collage of different pictures with the words creative team member written on one side
National Dog Moms Day | Brianna Lepper
a scrapbook page with an image of a dog in the center and i love you written on it
Heart Attack Week Day 5 - Tegan
Kisses, Punch, Dog Scrapbook Layouts, Cute Kiss, Dog Kisses
Sketch Week- Day 5 | Tegan
a scrapbook page with pictures of two women and a dog
Celebrating Mom Week Day 3 | Sarah
a bunch of different types of stickers on a piece of paper with a red bow
Cooper & Cut-Outs Mini Album | With Past Ct Member Lauren Seals!
several scrapbook pages with heart shaped stickers on them, including an image of a dog
Nathalie Celebrated iNSD With a Cooper TN Spread
a star with the word explore written on it and some other things around it that are made out of scrapbook pages
Fun With Acrylics Week Day 2 | Karlla
a scrapbook page with an image of a woman's face
Cut Files Week Day 2 | Dorymar
a scrapbook page with an image of a dog and the word love is written on it
Thanksgiving Week Day 5 | Sarah
two cards with dogs and flowers on them, one has the words thank you in it
National Thank You Note Day | Traci
a scrapbook page with an image of a dog wearing a crown
September 2020 Mood Board | Brianna Lepper
a close up of an open planner book
Taking Care of the Dogs | Patricia
a group of colorful pennants hanging on a white table with hearts and other items
School Time Banner - Tegan Skwiat
three different types of paper with pictures and words on the front, one has a dog
Mood Board Week Day 6 | Stephanie Buice