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Charity Miles app - donates to the charity of your choice when you run, walk, or bike! The app tracks how far you run and a corporate sponsor donates $.25 per mile ran and $.10 biked to your charity of choice. I'm repinning this because ANYONE who runs/walks/bikes should download. It's so easy to use, and you're helping out great causes!!

The Bed Fan delivers a cool breeze between the sheets—without AC costs, and without disturbing your partner!

Mission Bubble Butt: The 7 Best Butt Exercises to Build Your Backside

strength training

Butt Blaster ~ Target Muscles: gluteus maximus, hamstrings ~ Set Up: Lie faceup on the floor, arms extended along your sides. Rest your calves on a stability ball, toes pointing towards the ceiling, then lift your hips from the floor [A]. Action: Contract your abs and squeeze your glutes as you bend your knees to roll the ball towards your body [B]. Hold for one count before rolling the ball back to the start. Do three sets of 15 reps.


Fat Burn Treadmill Workout

Shrink Your Belly in 14 Days Our fastest ever routine will firm and flatten you from all angles in just 2 weeks

goodbye love handles

Brazilian Butt Workout [9 awesome workouts - do whole thing 3 times]

After baby (even if baby is now 4 years old). This workout will tap into the deep abdominal muscles that will pull in your waistline like a corset. Do these moves one after another with no rest in between. Then repeat once. To try...

Top arm workout-need this for my dress!