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A beautiful Gothic Lolita and Aristocrat, Ouji style.

katou-noir: “Me with absolutely beautiful Little Aiko J-FEST backstage ”

Gothic Lolita, alumi-plant wearing FRILL

This is SUCH a gothic lolita outfit but yet I love it? I guess that dress is just so beautiful. Gothic lolita dresses seem to always catch my eye.

Alumi ~* http://yaplog.jp/alumi-plant/ http://tokyofashion.com/harajuku-gothic-lolita-h-naoto-hangry-angry/

Alumi is a longtime Harajuku gothic lolita who we see often around the streets. Her look here features a Frill dress with an h.NAOTO Blood jacket, an Steam corset, and heels.

anime girl in lolita with wings

I knew that you were there, you can't outsmart a high class demon. Ha you can call me princess or master. (someone be the guy)

Shiro Lolita. Shiro translates as "white". In order to be considered Shiro Lolita, the co-ord must include all white, or off-white pieces.

Shiro Lolita, or ‘White Lolita,’ is a Lolita outfit made entirely of white/cream/off-white co-ordinates. Shiro Lolitas often pair themselves with Kuro Lolitas in twin outfits to create an interesting contrast.