The Sleeping Tiger by willustration / "just for many tigers are in this scene? can u locate them?"

" The Sleeping Tiger" by willustration. - (How many tigers do you see?) Also, if you look just right, the entire design makes a tiger stalking straight towards you!

PLASTICITEIT; doordat er met potlood schaduw en licht is aangebracht in de kop van de leeuw.

Items similar to Lion art print of original drawing, matte finish, golden tones, pencil portrait on Etsy

9 Uses for Magazines and Newspaper.

9 Uses for Old Magazines and Newspaper

9 Uses for Magazines and Newspaper. Creative ideas on using recycled magazines and newspaper.

not my style, but pinning for others. great use for all that junk mail, or an old magazine.

DIY Projects for Junk Around Your Home

DIY : Newspaper Tube Night Light -- this is so cool. We could even spray paint it a bit so it matches whatever room it's in! It would be cool for a nursery or kid's room too!

I read the article and I have found the recipe to make this fairy jar is easy. You just need a mason jar, glitter, glow sticks and a serrated knife. And This is a good activity to do with kids because when they are finish doing it, it can make them a little light so that they can sleep alone. I think it's a good idea!

DIY Fairy Jar tutorial, Capture a fairy!

Create an at home Galaxy complete with stars, planets and comets in this easy reusable jar that your kids will love. Also doubles as a fairy lights or firefly glow har tutorial

30 Cool Things to Make With Old Magazines | StyleCaster

32 Genius Things to Make With Your Old Magazines

Flower Patch Farmgirl: DIY Heart Punch Magazine/Book Wreaths, those are pennies in the center of each flower

Tiger Eye by on @DeviantArt

Attempt 1 at a tiger eye commission.This one was a bit too stylized for the commissioner's taste, so get pumped for a more hyper-realistic tiger eye in the future

Geometrical lion

Lion chest tattoo - I think this tattoo suits perfectly well for the lionhearted…

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