Multnomal Falls, Oregon, USA.

Autumn at Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon. I've been to Multnomah in the Summer.would love to go there in the Fall, how gorgeous!

Butterfly and flowers - nature is so inspiring for art art inspiration from nature

Beautiful Butterfy Images

Cottage Charm & Colors - Aqua Blue, Turquoise - flowers and butterfly

Eagle at sunset

Please Lord,help us to find you once again and heal this once Great Nation.God Bless the USA.

Phenomenal Reflection Pictures on Water #nature #photography #reflection

Inspiring image bare branches, photography, reflection, trees, water - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Wyoming (USA)

Don't care if it is photo shopped this is an amazing place-- late spring sunset by the iconic beaver dam at Schwabachers Landing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (USA) by Jerry Patterson

Beautiful sunset

Heron Island Daybreak, Maine - Man cannot begin to paint a painting in the exact colours he sees in sunsets. It is a spectacle, a show that God puts on for mankind.

Grand Canyon, USA... Incredible !!

This place made me feel small, really small in the grand scheme of things. Amazing place, bucket list it ❖ Grand Canyon, USA

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Sunset with lightning storm • beautiful ♥ Seguici su

earthlycreations: Lightning at Sunset by (Alan Montesanto) beautiful, I sure hope it is not a photoshopped picture though :)


'Garnet Glow' Sunset above the Sandy River, Mount Hood, Oregon. The sunset was affected by the smoke in the sky from the Central Oregon forest fires -photo by Gary Randall

At the end.......

At the end.......

beautiful purple sunset- awe struck wonder as God paints another masterpiece

FOTO ik vind dit een hele mooie foto omdat ik zelf ook soms foto's maak van de natuur

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