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GOT Mail Story Time

Here are books & activities from GOT Mail Story Time, which is Mondays at 1:15pm for children ages 3-5. Click on any book title twice in order to see the book in the catalog.

GOT Mail Story Time

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March 2, 2015. Today's letter came from A. Wolf, who says that he is not big or bad. He gave us his story to read, plus another Three Little Pigs story, and the kids decided if he was really guilty.

March 2, 2015. Retells the fatal episodes in the lives of two foolish pigs and how the third pig managed to avoid the same pigfalls.

The three little pigs : a folk tale classic

March 2, 2015. The wolf gives his own outlandish version of what really happened when he tangled with the three little pigs.

The true story of the 3 little pigs

March 2, 2015. The kids used Legos to make their own brick houses!

March 2, 2015. The kids made Three Little Pigs finger puppets!

The Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets

February 23, 2015. Today's letter (which we were supposed to read on February 2, but finally got to after several snow cancellations) was from Punxsutawney Phil!

Graphics by Ruth - Groundhog's Day

February 23, 2015. Brownie the groundhog encounters a fox while waiting for winter to be over, and through clever maneuvering--and tasty snacks--the two become friends.

Brownie Groundhog and the February fox

February 23, 2015. Although she can predict the weather much better than the boys in her family, no one thinks that Phyllis the groundhog has a chance of replacing the aging Punxsutawney Phil when Groundhog Day's official groundhog retires.

Punxsutawney Phyllis

February 23, 2015. We watched the video of Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow in 2015.

Groundhogs Day 2015: Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow; 6 More Weeks of Winter

February 23, 2015. We used the projector and screen to make shadows!

February 23, 2015. We made these pop-up groundhogs!

January 26, 2015. Today's letter came from Little Blue Truck and it was all rhyming!

Calling all Little Blue Truck fans!

January 26, 2015. A small blue truck finds his way out of a jam, with a little help from his friends.

January 26, 2015. A country truck feels out of place in the speedy, noisy city until he comes to the rescue during a giant traffic jam.

January 26, 2015. We pushed trucks around the room to Laurie Berkner's song, Trucks.

January 26, 2015. The kids used different foam shapes to create various kinds of trucks.

January 26, 2015. The kids colored blue a truck similar to this one. They then put a googly eye on, and painted on some "mud" with Hershey's syrup!

The Little Blue Truck Coloring Page

December 15, 2014. Today's letter was from "Pop," who is on the Rice Krispies cereal box. He gave us all sorts of things to pop - including pop corn, bubbles, and bubble wrap!

December 15, 2014. We looked at some pop-up books, and appreciated how much work goes into making them "pop up."

the coolest pop-up book ever... - Oh Joy!

December 15, 2014. The kids made special pop-up cards today.

Simple DIY Pop-Up Cards for Creative Kids - TinkerLab

December 8, 2014. Today's letter was from Doc McStuffins. She is going to teach the kids how to be good doctors!

December 8, 2014. Froggy isn't looking forward to his check-up because he might get a shot but when it's over and he's pronounced a very healthy frog, Dr. Mugwort is the one who dreads Froggy's next visit.

CWMARS Catalog - Froggy goes to the doctor

December 8, 2014. Doctor Hopper and Nurse Rex Barker are back in action, zooming around to cure sick toys.

CWMARS Catalog - Help!

December 8, 2014. The kids each got a stuffed animal which needed a physical exam. They weighed, measured, checked vital signs, and diagnosed the animals. It was great practice!

December 8, 2014. At the end, the kids create their own designs on these bandaid pictures.