New Juvenile Early Readers

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A boy who likes to skate and a girl who likes hats become friends, despite their differences.

Nate likes to skate

Andy is small. Sandy is tall. Andy is quiet. Sandy is LOUD. When these two opposites-attract best friends play dress up, anything could happen.

Andy & Sandy's anything adventure

When Andy and Sandy first meet at the playground, they are cautious of one another, but soon find a way to become friends.

When Andy met Sandy

Rocket the dog is excited about the 100th day of school and enlists the help of his friends to collect one hundred special things to bring to class, from heart-shaped stones found with Mr. Barker to feathers Owl provides, but will he find enough items in time?

Rocket's 100th day of school

A hefty feline puts up with all kinds of indignities from the children in her loving but rambunctious family.

Big Cat

Mo Jackson is excited for his baseball game, but Coach Marie tells him he is batting last and playing right field, again. Will Mo ever get a hit?

Get a hit, Mo!

When Hamster and his friends go looking for some cool, wet, wild fun at the Water Kingdom water park, Hamster and his new friend, Holly, challenge two dogs to a race down the water slide. Can they win?

Hot Rod Hamster Meets His Match!

Ballet Cat and her friend Butter Bear have practiced a dance to perform for an audience, but Butter Bear will need a lot of encouragement to try the super high leaps.

Dance! dance! underpants!

In Pete the Cat's first undersea adventure, Pete can't wait to go scuba diving so he can spot a seahorse, and when he's finally in the water, searching high and low to find one, his groovy adventure ends with a big surprise!

Pete the Cat: Scuba-Cat

As Valentine's Day approaches Charlie Brown tries to find the courage to give the Little Red-haired Girl a valentine.

Happy valentine's day, Charlie Brown!

Learning phonics made fun.

The nice mice in the rice : a long vowel sound book

Distracted by his friends, Pete the pig forgets to give Gert an invitation to Rose's party.

Pete makes a mistake

Cat goes out, and comes back with a lot of new things.

Cat got a lot

Piggie really likes slop. She likes it so much, she wants Gerald to try some! But can Gerald find the courage to do it? Or will the smell alone be too much to handle?

I really like slop!

A youngster plans a huge, spectacular party, inviting friends whose names begin with every letter from A to Z--except for one person.

Hooper Humperdink--? Not him!

Defeating a monster just in time to attend her own birthday party, Princess Magnolia, the secret superhero Princess in Black, is repeatedly interrupted throughout the party by the Monster Alarm in ways that threaten to expose her.

The Princess in Black and the perfect princess party

Supergirl saves Superman from the Toyman and his strange furry pet.

Supergirl's pet problem!

With her perfect attendance record, Pinkalicious gets to be principal for the day, but when she wakes up sick, she worries that her big day will be ruined.

Pinkalicious and the sick day

Superman and Aquaman join forces to stop Black Manta from flooding Metropolis and cities around the globe with a device that creates giant bubbles of ocean water.

Bubble trouble!

After the amulet that allows her to understand her animal friends go missing, Sofia sets out to find it before Cedric can use it to take over the kingdom.

The missing necklace

Despite being all better after falling down and getting covered by burs while playing, Stuffy has trouble being brave enough to play again.

Brave dragon

Alma's stuffed cow, Moo Moo, gets soaked when she is left outside in the rain. Alma is sad and Moo Moo is mooo-serable! Will Doc be able to help?

Blame it on the rain

Spike and the ponies--Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack--are pulled into a comic-book world and must defeat an evil mare! Can they save the day?

Power Ponies to the rescue!

Orange Blossom is worried about what her friends will think of her new glasses. Strawberry Shortcake rounds up the girls to provide support.

A brand-new look!

When Katie's mother feels unwell on the day before Mother's Day, Katie wants to do everything she can think of to help her mother get well--but she forgot to get a present.

Katie's happy Mother's Day