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New Juvenile Picture Books

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New Juvenile Picture Books

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JJ CONCEPTS MAN. Take a LOOK. And see the world in a new way.

JJ TRANSPORTATION STE. Tractor Mac and his friends welcome a new vehicle to the farm, a small tractor named Daisy, helping her get started on her difficult work and encouraging her to keep at it, one small step at a time.

Tractor Mac New Friend

JJ GROWING UP CLI. Loving to spend time with his father but wanting to experience an independent adventure on his island home, little dinosaur Rory explores a river and finds shelter from the rain, unaware that his father is carefully watching all the while.

Me and My Dad

JJ FAVORITE CHARACTERS BERENSTAIN BEARS. A treasury containing 12 short Berenstain Bear stories invites young readers to join Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister and Honey Bear as they have an adventure at the aquarium, learn to care for a kitten, enjoy a rambunctious sleepover and more.

5-minute Berenstain Bears Stories

JJ HUMOR FRE. Monsters all over the world have different ways to scare, but they all have one thing in common: they all love zany underpants! And every Saturday night, you will find them in a secret cave, showing off their fancy pants as they dance the Monster Bop! But they have to make it home before the sun comes up--after all, who would be scared of monsters in underpants that are striped and dotted? Readers will love this playful and rollicking romp in the latest Underpants book from Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.

Monsters love underpants

JJ TRANSPORTATION FLE. Bulldozer wants to invite all of his co-workers to a party to celebrate his special day, but to them it is just another day for scooping, sifting, stirring, and more.

Bulldozer's big day

JJ BOARD KAU. Potty Time with Elmo Little Sound Book features five spreads of fullbleed art and a module with seven sound buttons. Elmo can use the potty! Now Baby David has to go potty, too. Read along as Elmo helps his doll, Baby David, find the potty, flush, and wash his hands. Elmo is a big monster now! The story sounds include Elmo's voice and laugh, a spinning toilet paper roll, and an adorable flushing sound, among others.

Potty time with Elmo

JJ STORIES MCC. Through minimal text and cut-paper illustrations, shows the many things a boy can enjoy while inside his house, then outside, then in again. Includes a list of the author's favorite owls.

JJ HUMOR FRE. A laugh-out-loud adventure features a wacky band of underpants-loving pirates who battle sharks and hunt for treasure while wearing their favorite undergarments and embarking on a zany expedition to find the fabled Pants of Gold. By the creators of Aliens Love Underpants.

Pirates love underpants

JJ HUMOR GUT. Rappy the Raptor tells the story of how he bacame a rapping Velociraptor, all in rhyme.

Rappy the raptor

JJ HUMOR WAR. Ordering some spots by mail when he worries about his lack thereof, a young guinea fowl is surprised by his delivery, which contains spots of various sizes, colors, and patterns.

Spots in a box

JJ FAVORITE CHARACTERS PAW PATROL. Everything you need to know about the awesome and adorable rescue pups of Nickelodeon's PAW Patrol is featured in this hardcover Big Golden Book that's sure to thrill boys and girls ages 3 to 7. Kids will love learning all about Chase, Rocky, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rubble, and their tech-savvy leader--a 10-year-old boy named Ryder.

The big book of Paw patrol

JJ SPORTS GAT. For kids in early to middle childhood-and the lucky people who have to get them to bed-Good Night Yoga is both a bedtime story and a series of simple poses for following the natural world as it comes to rest at day's end. Created by the founder of the celebrated Kid Power Yoga program.

Good night yoga : a pose-by-pose bedtime story

JJ GROWING UP URB. Wanting to assert his independence after tiring of his family's coddling, a youngest family member works to dress himself, feed himself and enjoy a solo adventure, in a lighthearted reworking of the "Little Red Hen" story.

Little Red Henry

JJ GROWING UP BUN. Callie and her family are moving from their house to an apartment, so they're having a yard sale. It can be hard to let things go, but in the end, it's who you have - not what you have - that counts.

JJ TRANSPORTATION ROS. In rhyming text, an exuberant cast of kids express their travel preferences while ultimately agreeing that the bus is the best ride of all because it's designed for everyone to share.

The bus is for us!

JJ HUMOR PLE. When baby says 'bah!' the rest of the family scrambles to bring him balls and books and bows and bottles, sheep and baby dolls and blankets and even a brother. But it turns out that all along, the baby was just trying to say 'bye-bye'

Bah! said the baby

JJ GROWING UP SPE. A little boy shares all the ways he has learned to use the potty, including firefighter style, waterfall style, and rocket style.

How to pee : potty training for boys

JJ FAVORITE CHARACTERS WINNIE THE POOH. Tells the real story as to how the famous bear Winnie the Pooh came to be.

Winnie : the remarkable tale of a real bear

JJ NATURE CRU. Two toddlers have a nearly-silent adventure at the beach.

JJ HUMOR BAR. A man is followed by a skunk all day until the tables turn.

JJ NATURE SIA. Illustrations and minimal text reveal the thoughts of an energetic puppy as he busily sniffs his way in and around the house, and the reader can guess where the pup will be going when the page is turned.

Sniff! Sniff!

JJ HUMOR POR. An imaginative young pig shows some of the many things that a stick can be.

Not a stick

JJ TRANSPORTATION BAR. Tom tells all about his bicycle, his ride to work past trucks, cars, and even elephants, and his work as a circus performer.

JJ HUMOR MAC. Using only two words--"look" and "out"--relates a story about an attention-loving gorilla, a television-loving boy, and a friendship that develops over books.