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Parenting - Death of a Pet

These books may help children deal with the death of a pet. Click on any book title twice to see it in the catalog.
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Mikey feels responsible for his dog Scooter's accidental death, but his parents remind him that the dog loved him best of all and they can still love each other, although Scooter is now with God.

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When a young boy finds his old dog dead one morning, he spends the rest of the day thinking about all the good times they had together.

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Sister Bear loves taking care of her pet goldfish, Goldie. Sister feeds Goldie every morning and evening, cleans out her tank, and even gets her a beautiful fishbowl castle! But when Papa and Mama find Goldie floating belly-up in her tank, they worry about how Sister will feel. How will the Bear family cope with the loss of Goldie, the best goldfish in the world?

Catalog - The Berenstain Bears lose a friend

After losing Dandy, her family's beloved horse, Kristine decides that she will never get close to another pet again-it's just too heartbreaking. So when her father surprises her with a new puppy for her birthday, Kristine is furious! With a new sister on the way, who needs a wriggling, messy, noisy, yellow ball of fur to look after! But how can an animal-loving girl resist the sweet brown eyes of a puppy who just wants to be loved?

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Explains how to cope with the death or loss of a beloved pet and provides advice to help people deal with grief, sorrow, and loneliness.

Catalog - Pet loss : a thoughtful guide for adults and children

This book is designed to help children come to terms with the death of a pet. More than half the book is devoted to the child making a scrap book of memories about their pet.

Catalog - My pet died

Matthew believes his cat, Yin, has gone to heaven after he sees his dark bedroom lit by her angel glow, in a touching story for all animal lovers about a pet's underlying devotion to her family.

Angel cat

When a pet dies, it can feel like you lost your best friend. What do you do? Whether you had a guinea pig, dog, cat, or fish, this story can help you through the tough times.

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