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Parenting - Divorce

These books may help children deal with a divorce. Click on any book title twice to see it in the catalog.
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From a dazzling new voice in middle grade lit comes this funny, moving novel about family, forgiveness, and the power of make-believe.

Catalog - Sway : a novel

Text and illustrations of dinosaur characters introduce aspects of divorce such as its causes and effects, living with a single parent, spending holidays in two separate households, and adjusting to a stepparent.

Catalog - Dinosaurs divorce

A young boy named Alex enjoys the homes of both of his parents who live apart but love Alex very much.

Catalog - Two homes

A little girl describes what her life is like now that her parents no longer live together.

Catalog - Living with Mom and living with Dad

When your parents divorce, it can feel like the world turns upside down. What do you do? Whether you live mostly at your mom's or dad's, this story can help you through the tough times.

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In his letters to his favorite author, ten-year-old Leigh reveals his problems in coping with his parents' divorce, being the new boy in school, and generally finding his own place in the world.

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When ten-year-old Lexie goes with her father to the beach for a week, she is surprised to find that he has invited his girlfriend and her two sons to join them for the entire week.

Catalog - Lexie

Ten-year-old Amelia records her thoughts and feelings about flying solo to Chicago to meet the father she has not seen since her parents divorced when she was an infant.

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KoKo Bear learns what divorce means, how to deal with changes, how to recognize and deal with feelings, and that divorce is not KoKo's fault. Each page includes tips for parents.

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The year that she is in the fourth grade is a difficult one for Amber, as she tries to deal with escalating telephone fights between her divorced parents and her father's impending return to take joint custody of her.

Catalog - Amber Brown sees red

A child describes how she lives sometimes with his mother and sometimes with his father, but his dog is his constant companion.

Catalog - Fred stays with me

Mark, center for his middle school's soccer team the Scorpions, must cope with his parents' divorce and a teammate who holds a grudge against him.

Catalog - The comeback challenge

Evie feels unsettled and sad after her parents divorce, her father remarries and takes the family dog, and his new wife becomes pregnant, but a cooking class and helping the elderly lady next door with her cat give Evie a way to cope with the changes in her life. Includes recipes.

Catalog - Eggs over Evie

Answers letters from girls dealing with various aspects of divorce, remarriage, and stepfamilies. Includes tips, quizzes, and advice.

Catalog - Help! : a girl's guide to divorce and stepfamilies