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Picnic Stories

Here are the books we've been reading at Picnic Stories, which is Wednesdays at 12:00pm at the Town Common. Various movement activities & games accompany books. Click on any book cover twice to see the book in the catalog.

April 9, 2014. Little Pea hates eating candy for dinner, but his parents will not let him have his spinach dessert until he cleans his plate.

April 9, 2014. Little Oink is a neat little pig, but his parents will not allow him to play with his friends until he is messy, as pigs should be.

April 9, 2014. Little Hoot wants to go to bed early, like all of his friends do, and he is hopping mad when Mama and Papa Owl insist that he stay up late and play.

April 2, 2014. Dinosaur doesn't need to use the potty. Even when making lemonade, running through the sprinkler, splashing in puddles, playing in the water... But wait, is that a victory dance or something else?

April 2, 2014. A chicken is filled with excitement and self-confidence when he dons a new pair of orange socks.

April 2, 2014. Envy turns to admiration and finally to friendship for Goat and Unicorn.

October 23, 2013. Chicken's cow visitors try to jump, dance, and wiggle on his couch, which is much too tiny for such exuberant activities.

October 23, 2013. A ladybug invites the reader to play a game of "let's pretend."

October 23, 2013. While playing hide-and-seek, Bear finds a backpack filled with underwear.

October 16, 2013. Fox breaks into a hen house to steal a chicken for dinner but grabs Duck, instead--a clever fowl that pretends to be a dog.

October 16, 2013. In this version of the Grimm fairy tale, Thomas--who is called Little Red--discovers a wolf in disguise at his grandmother's house and ingeniously uses ginger ale to save the day.

October 9, 2013. Piggie introduces his reluctant friend, Gerald the elephant, to the wonderful world of pretend.

October 9, 2013. Pete the Cat wakes up feeling grumpy--nothing seems to be going his way. But with the help of some magic sunglasses, Pete learns that a good mood has been inside him all along.

October 2, 2013. After bumping his knee one morning, Ted decides to become a doctor, but he has only one problem--he has no patients!

October 2, 2013. A surprising lesson about the importance of listening to one's inner gosling ensues when a very hungry fox issues a dinner invitation to a very plump goose.

October 2, 2013. Cow, Pig, Duck, and Mouse are afraid to retrieve their ball when it goes into the dog's house, but when they do go in they are pleasantly surprised.

September 25, 2013. When Elephant accidentally breaks Piggie's new toy, they both experience intense feelings before coming to realize how important their friendship is.

September 25, 2013. A peddler who sells caps by balancing them all on his head is invited to do an act in the circus.

September 25, 2013. Hugo Hippo and Bella Bird are best friends, but a disagreement over costumes may prevent the two from attending the annual "Fairytale Fancy Dress Party."

September 18, 2013. Despite the objections of Pig and Mouse, Duck insists on adding a special ingredient to the cake they are making to celebrate Cow's birthday.

September 18, 2013. Cowboy and Octopus maintain their friendship despite different opinions about things like beans and knock-knock jokes.

September 18, 2013. A band of mischievous monkeys steals every one of a peddler's caps while he takes a nap under a tree.