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    Ring a Ding Story Time

    These are books we read during Ring a Ding! Ring a Ding is Tuesdays at 10:15am, Fridays at 10:15am, and the second Saturday of each month at 10:15am. Click on any book cover two times to find the book in the catalog.

    Ring a Ding Story Time

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    Friday, October 2, 2015. By putting his/her face in the hole provided over each animal's body, the reader can pretend to be that animal by making the appropriate sounds.

    I can roar like a lion

    Tuesday, Spetember 28, 2015. Big lift-the-flaps and bright illustrations enhance this charming tale about a group of four goslings--Gossie, Gertie, BooBoo, and Peedie--who have their own unique style and special games to make the day together a fun-filled adventure for all!

    Gossie & friends : a first flap book

    Friday, September 25, 2015. During the course of a walk, a young boy identifies animals of different colors.

    I went walking

    Friday, September 18, 2015. Two fuzzy animals have a silly argument about a chair that ends with a surprise.

    That's (not) mine

    Tuesday, September 15, 2015. The top cat in a household is reluctant to accept the arrival of a new kitten but decides to share various survival secrets with it.

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    Saturday, September 12, 2015. Little Zebra is growing up, and from now on he wants to use a drinking cup, not a baby bottle.

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    Tuesday, September 8, 2015. It is another busy day at the diner as Stanley cooks, prepares for a special event, and finally cleans up and goes home.

    Stanley's diner

    Friday, September 4, 2015. Everyone loves Bacon but letting his fame go to his head may prove more dangerous than he thought.

    Everyone loves Bacon

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015. Three reluctant robots fight off sleep while their young caretaker does his best to get them to calm down.

    Beep, beep, go to sleep

    Friday, August 21, 2015. Presents a story of friends Triangle, Circle, Square, and Rectangle as they have fun together and support one another through life.


    Tuesday, August 18, 2015. Relating the cycle of requests a mouse is likely to make after you give him a cookie takes the reader through a young child's day.

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    Friday, August 14, 2015. Farmyard friends Chicken, Goat, Cow and Pig use flap-accented, silly vignettes to illustrate the position words "in," "over" and "on." By the Geisel Award-winning author of Up, Tall, and High!

    In, Over and on the Farm

    Tuesday, August 11, 2015. Take a LOOK. And see the world in a new way.


    Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Max and his best friend Pinky the pig decide to paint the barn, but when it turns up repainted the next morning, they must find out what happened.

    The mystery

    Friday, July 31, 2015. When Dog's bed looks so inviting to his numerous animal friends that a teetering pileup of coziness ensues, a sneeze triggered by Mouse's presence on Elephant's trunk temporarily frightens everyone away.

    So cozy

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015. A monster tries to chomp any reader who wants to go past the first page of the book in order to keep his cakes safe.

    I will chomp you!

    Friday, July 24, 2015. It's Doctor Maisy and Nurse Tallulah, and they're playing hospital. Poor Panda is sick, but Maisy takes good care of him. Then it's Maisy's turn to need the help--and Nurse Tallulah comes to the rescue!

    Doctor Maisy

    Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Maisy the mouse and her friends spend a night camping under the stars.

    Maisy goes camping

    Friday, July 17, 2015. On her first day of preschool, penguin Flo loses her lunch bucket--and finds a funny new friend.

    Bob and Flo

    Tuesday, July 14, 2015. Two pocket-size pets meet and get into a tussle when Pug insists that Pig is a pudgy pug, and again when Pig calls Pug a muddy pig.

    Pig and Pug

    Friday, July 10, 2015. A rhyming story that takes baby on a trip to see the animals in the zoo while teaching the game of peekaboo.

    Peekaboo zoo

    Tuesday, July 7, 2015. Join little Bear and his friends in this heart-warming book of giving. Bright artwork, finger-holes and a cheerful rhyming story make learning come alive!

    Kiss : a heart-warming book of giving

    Tuesday, June 30, 2015. Maisy packs her bags and sets off on a fun vacation to the seashore with Panda and Cyril.

    Maisy goes on vacation

    Friday, June 26, 2015. A little boy wonders about what it would be like to have a triceratops for a pet and imagines playing fetch, teaching her tricks, and cuddling up with her at the end of the night.

    If I had a triceratops

    Tuesday, June 23, 2015. Like most dogs, Big Dog and Little Dog go for walks, play in puddles, and snuggle up for a nap when they are sleepy, but sometimes they can be a bit mischievous, and downright silly.

    Big Dog and Little Dog