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Similar Books - And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

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Zulaikha hopes. She hopes for peace, now that the Taliban have been driven from Afghanistan; a good relationship with her hard stepmother; and one day even to go to school, or to have her cleft palate fixed. The Americans come to her village, promising new opportunities and dangers.

Catalog - Words in the dust

A moving novel based on the true story of a young boy whose agonizing struggle begins after his native Afghanistan becomes a dangerous place to live. His mother brings him across the border into Pakistan but has to leave him there to fend for himself.

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Two foster brothers from Pakistan were inseparable as children, but now as adults their lives are very different. One is a medical student and the other a vagabond. However, when the medical student decides to sneak across the border into Afghanistan to help care for the wounded, his brother decides to go with him to protect him.

The Blind Man's Garden

In 2002, following the fall of the Taliban, the author, a Norwegian journalist, spent 4 months living with a bookseller and his family in Kabul. The bookseller heroically braved persecution to bring books to the people of Afghanistan.

Catalog - The bookseller of Kabul

This novel spans 3 decades, 2 continents, and 2 generations. It follows the Gangula family from their traditional life in India through their arrival in Massachusetts in the 1960s and their difficult melding into the American way of life.

Catalog - The namesake

Set in Kabul under the rule of the Taliban, this novel takes readers into the lives of two couples: a wealthy shopkeeper whom the Taliban has destroyed and his wife, and a prison keeper who has adopted the Taliban ideology and struggles to keep his faith, and his spouse.

The swallows of Kabul