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Similar Books - Inferno by Dan Brown

If you enjoyed reading Inferno by Dan Brown, you may enjoy the following books. To view a book in the catalog click twice on the cover.
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An ex-Justice Department agent embarks on a search for answers about his deceased father. Such elements as Charlemagne, Nazis, ancient manuscripts, historical puzzles, and scientific surprises are integrated into the plot.

Catalog - The Charlemagne pursuit : a novel

A supernatural thriller about a renowned scholar of Milton whose knowledge of “Paradise Lost” draws him into a mystery in Venice that ultimately puts him in peril.

CWMARS Catalog - The demonologist

A crazed shooter named Digger has promised to shoot into crowds in Washington, D.C. if he isn’t paid $20 million. A document analysis expert searches for clues in a ransom note. Contains many amazing facts about handwriting analysis.

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A fast-moving thriller about Alex Graham, a photojournalist on assignment at a dam collapse in Colorado. She overhears a conversation between the conspirators that caused the collapse, and is forced to be on the run for her life.

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In 1865 Boston a group gathers to translate Dante’s Inferno for an American audience. While poring over the poem, the men find themselves on the trail of a serial killer who tortures his victims in ways that seem to be taken straight out of the pages of Inferno.

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Summoned to her family’s Colorado hideaway for her mother’s birthday, Alexandria Solarin not only discovers that her mother is missing but that the most powerful piece of a mystical chess service that had once belonged to Charlemagne has resurfaced.

CWMARS Catalog - The fire / Katherine Neville.

Acquiring an ancient medallion covered with indecipherable symbols, expatriate American Ethan Gage is forced to flee for his life when he is framed for murder and forced to accompany Napoleon Bonaparte on the emperor’s quest to conquer Egypt.

Catalog - Napoleon's pyramids : a novel