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Special Preschool Programs

These one-time programs are made especially for preschoolers!

Special Preschool Programs

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2014 Pirate & Princess Party. A young pig tries to avoid taking a bath by claiming to be a variety of characters, from an astronaut to an Eskimo, as his mother tries to lure him into the tub.

Catalog - Pirates don't take baths

2014 Pirate & Princess Party. Penelope is certain that she is royalty because of all the similarities between her life and that of a princess.

Catalog - Princess Penelope

2014 Pirate & Princess Party. We listened to and acted out the song, Arrh, by Mike Mennard.

2014 Pirate & Princess Party. We did shoe matching, played Royal Ball Freeze Dance and searched for the missing princesses!

Pirate Princess Embroidery Design

2014 Pirate & Princess Party. The princesses made magic wands (using straws and stars).

2014 Pirate & Princess Party. The pirates (and some princesses) made pirate hooks!

Foil + Plastic Cup = Pirate Hook

2014 Teddy Bear Picnic. We read the story, What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Day? by Bruno Hachler.

2014 Teddy Bear Picnic. We did some songs with our teddy bears, such as 5 Little Bears Jumping on the Bed; Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around; and Teddy Says.

2014 Teddy Bear Picnic. After the story, we went on a Bear Hunt around the library, through puddles and ponds, grass and mud, across a river and into a cave!

2014 Teddy Bear Picnic. At the end, we went on a Teddy Bear Parade through the library!

2014 Preschool Luau. When Froggy goes on vacation to Hawaii, he is too excited to pay much attention to his parents.

Catalog - Froggy goes to Hawaii

2014 Preschool Luau. After the story, the kids did the limbo, counted to 10 in Hawaiian, learned their Hawaiian names, colored in some coloring pages, played with beach balls, and hula hooped.

2014 Preschool Luau. The kids made these "fire sticks" using a paper towel roll and orange, red and yellow streamers!

2013 Thanksgiving Story Time. Youtube Video: The Story of Thanksgiving (Zebtoonz)

2013 Thanksgiving Story Time. Youtube Video: Turkey Time (by Silly Bus)

2013 Thanksgiving Story Time. A lonely, oddly-shaped pumpkin is sad that no one chose him for Halloween, but by Thanksgiving he has discovered where he belongs.

2013 Thanksgiving Story Time. Mrs. Madoff's preschool class learns about Thanksgiving and puts on a play about the origins of the holiday.

2013 Thanksgiving Story Time. We made thumbprint turkeys!

2013 Halloween Story Time. Froggy tries to find just the right costume for Halloween and although his trick-or-treating does not go as he had planned, he enjoys himself anyway.

2013 Halloween Story Time. Clifford, the big red dog, and his young master think of possible costumes for the Halloween festivities

Catalog - Clifford's Halloween

2013 Halloween Story Time. We all danced the Hooky Spooky, putting in the circle our witch claws, zombie legs, vampire fangs and whole ghost self. "We do the hooky spooky and we scare ourselves around, that's what it's all about: BOO!"

2013 Halloween Story Time. At the end of the story time, we went on a Costume Parade to the song, Ghostbusters!